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I come from a family of healers. My great grandmother Juanita was an herbalist and carried herbs in a little pouch pinned to the inside of her bra. My Gramma was a healer born out of necessity. She had twelve children and was a farmworker during the depression era. There was no health insurance. As she traveled she learned from the wives of farmers and through reading how to care for her family using mostly food. I like to think that part of my passion for the healing arts is in my blood.

My Story

In 1999, I went back to school to pursue my desire to help others be well and entered nursing school in Portland, Oregon. From the time I was nine years old I had wanted to be a nurse and the time was finally right. In my last year of nursing school, I did some work in the hospital and had an awakening. I loved the education component of nursing, the hands on care component but I was surprised to find out about the medication management component, and this is a huge part of it. Somehow, to me, it seemed like I was spending more time managing medications than actual patient care. I realized hospital nursing would not be for me and it was then that I knew I would be a Naturopathic healer. 

I graduated nursing school in 2002 and found myself in Modesto working as a nurse in the clinic setting. I actually loved the clinics because I developed relationships with the patients and there was a lot of nutrition education to the increasing diabetic population. At this time, I enrolled in Naturopathy classes and started learning about how people were able to reverse disease using nutrition. 

It took me 5 years to complete the Naturopathy coursework and become a Board Certified Naturopath.During that time I studied and made herbal remedies for a year, went to San Diego to learn the Gerson Cancer therapy and was certified as a Raw Food Chef and Raw Food Nutrition Instructor. Other certifications include: yoga instructor, and colon hydrotherapy. How we absorb even the best of nutrients, be they food or supplements all depends on what they have to get through via your colon. One of the most important lessons I’ve learned along my journey is that health begins in a clean colon and that disease thrives in a congested colon. I have loved every minute of my journey into natural healing and use all I have learned to help my clients recognize that food is the great medicine and that the healer lies within . 

My desire is to provide a warm, nurturing “oasis” where people come and are encouraged and motivated to be healthy, vibrant and well.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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